June 19, 2024

What You Need To Know About Today’s Down Payment Programs

There’s no denying it’s gotten more challenging to buy a home, especially with today’s mortgage rates and home price appreciation. And that may be one of the big reasons you’re eager to look into grants and assistance programs to see if there’s anything you qualify for that can help. But ...

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June 1, 2024

The Biggest Mistakes Buyers Are Making Today


Buyers face challenges in any market – and today’s is no different. With higher mortgage rates and rising prices, plus the limited supply of homes for sale, there’s a lot to consider.

But, there’s one way to avoid getting tripped up – and that’s leaning on a real estate ...

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May 30, 2024

7 Reasons to Hire an Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR)

May 2, 2024

What Is Going on with Mortgage Rates?


You may have heard mortgage rates are going to stay a bit higher for longer than originally expected. And if you’re wondering why, the answer lies in the latest economic data. Here’s a quick overview of what’s happening with mortgage rates and what experts say is ahead.

Economic Factors ...

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April 23, 2024

Myths About the 2024 Housing Market

Some Highlights

  • When it comes to the current housing market, there are some myths circling around right now.
  • Some of the more common ones are that it’s better to wait for mortgage rates to fall or prices to crash. But there are others about the supply of homes for sale ...
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April 18, 2024

Should I Wait for Mortgage Rates To Come Down Before I Move?

If you’ve got a move on your mind, you may be wondering whether you should wait to sell until mortgage rates come down before you spring into action. Here’s some information that could help answer that question for you.

In the housing market, there’s a longstanding relationship between mortgage rates ...

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April 11, 2024

Top 5 Reasons To Hire an Agent When Buying a Home

Some Highlights

  • Hiring an agent when buying a home helps you understand the buying process and the local market.
  • They’ll also go over contracts and fine print with you, so you understand what you're agreeing to. Plus, they're good at negotiating, making sure you get the best deal ...
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April 6, 2024

Buy a Home With a 560 CREDIT SCORE and Get a Great Rate!

Been turned down because of your credit score but you have a co-borrower? Make sure to take another look at this new Fannie Mae credit feature! 

Fannie Mae's previous credit score requirement of 620 is no longer set in stone. In the past, buyers with a credit score ...

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April 4, 2024

Top Five Budget Cuts Homeowners Are Making

According to a survey by Hippo Insurance, 86% of homeowners have made compromises in their lives to manage the rising cost of living and prioritize homeownership. These compromises have predominantly affected:

  1. Dining out and entertainment, with 50% of homeowners making cuts.
  2. Travel and vacations, with 47% reducing expenses.
  3. Personal and ...
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March 28, 2024


There is so much noise in the media about the NAR Lawsuit and unfortunately they are not giving the clear facts to the Homeowners and Buyers that may have real estate needs in the near future. I will attempt to simplify this as much as possible in this article.  ...

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